Life is not about the things you could have done

but of what can be.

Three red bulls, loads of smokes, internet, got two movies, Final Fantasy Advent Children 1080p, computer shuts down after watching it. Lame PC. Got it with such glory, and the next day another glorious casing was in the shop. Can’t these people just stop alluring us with their vaginal cunts.

I’m just gonna watch a few Youtube HD videos today, and Chaos DVD and Hangover DVD on PC.

Srsly, life is such a bollocks, its a tragedy of divine proportions, and a comedy of tragic proportions, and scary to infinite proportions.

I’m gonna see if my mother got me my clothes and if she got Cola or Iced-tea or if she’s even here, I doubt it, I’ll just get another cup of tea.

And watch Hangover the movie.

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Yeh Dil Jitnii baar bikhra hai,
utni saansay shayad naa aiieen ho Ghalib,
tor kai peechay chor daitay hain log,
zindagi mai khuda dhoondtay yaa khazanay,
saaray tabah ho gai inn khojon mai,
mujh ko dai meray khuda kii rehmat,
yeh duniya nai khatam to ho hii jaana hai,
kisi naa kisi din toot parhay gaa yeh asmaan,
aur gir parhaay gaa yeh sitaroon ka manzir,
khuda kii talaash mai khud ko kho baithay,
apni bulandi kai liyay insaan ko kho baithay.

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Ai Ghalib

kya haal hai iss zindagi kaa, aik pata chalakta hai, to doosra gir partha hai, kahan jaaon iss ishq sai bhaag ker, jiss dariya mai dooba hoon uss hii mai ghar kahan banaon, ai Ghalib sharab dai, sumandar meray undar utarnay dai

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Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

The game this life, a virtual world, so I have not many choices?

Live the virtual life then.

Today I have to get HD movies.


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Blade Runner




It’s too bad she won’t live, but then again, who does.

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There’s Nothing Inside

Bring Me To Life.

Cyanide, I’ve already died.

Suicide, living dead inside.

Bring me to life.

Fuck you ALLLL!!!!

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In The Morning Light

For Just One Day – Kai Tracid

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Another Day In The Wall

=( Sweet moments, one sweet moment, and we can have forever. Overall a dull day. Flares here and there.  No routine.  Bad laptop using position. Meh =(

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Dear Diary,

It’s a new day. Godspeed.

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Ok so I collected one good smiley and I’m not playing pool right now

Dear Diary,

It’s time for beer.

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